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Dabs 101: A Beginner’s Guide

(Photo: symic/Flickr)

(Photo: symic/Flickr)

Dabs are a type of concentrated cannabis extract, which have become popular in places where marijuana is legal.

There are many different ways to consume marijuana, but there’s a new trend that’s starting to take over acheter viagra bon marche. It’s called dabbing, and in some places it’s now even more common than smoking or vaping.

Dabbing might sound like something you do to clean a stain on the carpet, but it’s actually a way of consuming marijuana that provides a heavy dose of active ingredients (cannabinoids) in a small package.

Dabbing is more similar to vaporizing than it is to smoking, but the whole concept can be quite confusing for those just starting out. Lucky for you, here’s a rundown on everything you need to know about dabs and how to use them.

What are Dabs?

(Photo: symic/Flickr)

(Photo: symic/Flickr)

Dabs are a type of marijuana extract that users vaporize to get high. There are many different types of dabs available today, but the most common ones are shatter, wax, and butane hash oil (BHO).The main difference between these dab products is the method used to make them.

“There are a lot of differences with how they’re made and which solvent you’re going to use in making the extract,” says Josh Medows, extraction technician at Best Value Vacs, a company which sells equipment for producing dabs.

“As far as shatter or wax goes, it really just depends on the procedure that you use to produce the extract. You can actually turn a shattery-type consistency into a wax by a process called emulsification, which a lot of people refer to as whipping.”

Different extracts and oils used for dabbing are sold in states with legal marijuana, such as Colorado and Washington.

How Do Dabs Work?

The reason why dabs are so popular is that they contain much higher concentrations of THC than buds do.

Some extracts can contain as much as 70-90% THC, so dabs can be a very effective way for medical marijuana users to quickly get the amount of medicine they need.


The process of dabbing involves using a device similar to a bong called a dab rig.

Using a hand-held torch, you heat up a piece called a nail until it’s red hot, then use a metal utensil called a dab tool to take a small amount of extract, dab it on the hot nail, and inhale. The extract should instantly vaporize and produce a strong and smooth hit.

Compared to smoking, dabbing provides quicker and more efficient delivery of THC into the body.

Dabbing & Dab Rigs


While there are a variety of tools and devices you can use for dabbing, a typical dab rig consists of the following parts:

  • Water pipe
  • Nail (glass, ceramic, quartz, titanium, or electric)
  • Dome
  • Torch
  • Dab tool


The water pipe can be any marijuana bong converted into a dab rig using the necessary parts. You can also buy dab rigs that are specifically designed for dabbing, but these can get expensive.

“(The cost) depends a lot on which type of dab rig you want,” says Andre Levert, owner of Psychonaut, a headshop in downtown Montreal.

“You have the electronic dab rigs that are a lot like electronic cigarettes. It’s convenient because it’s more portable, more of a sleek design, and it’s more discrete. And then you have the actual dab rigs which resemble the traditional bongs. These definitely are not discrete at all, and this is where you would have all the different types of nails and such.”

The nail is the part which you heat up with the torch to vaporize the extract. It’s placed in the same spot where the bowl would go in a water pipe. You can buy nails in a variety of different materials, but the best ones are usually quartz or titanium.

You can also find electronic nails, but they are less common and can cost up to $300. The advantage of an e-nail is that you don’t need to use a hand torch to heat it up.

“Some people prefer the taste of the quartz, even though titanium shouldn’t have any taste in it either. I’m assuming it’s just titanium-plated and not full titanium. Titanium keeps the heat longer, and you can’t break it, but it will be much more expensive than the quartz,” explains Levert.

The dome is an additional piece that goes over the nail. It’s just there to trap the vapor while you’re dabbing. Domes aren’t always necessary, however. You may be able to do without one if you have the right type of nail in your rig.

The torch is a handheld propane torch. For this, the most popular option with most users is a creme brulee torch. It’s compact, and easily ignites with the pull of a trigger.

The dab tool, also called a wand, is a stainless steel utensil that resembles the pick that your dentist uses to scrape plaque off your teeth. You use it to pick up a small piece of extract and dab it on the hot nail. There are many types of dab tools out there, the difference between them being the shape on the end.

How To Make Extracts

(Photo: Mr Extractor)

(Photo: Mr Extractor)

The type of extract you end up with depends on your extraction method, and there are several methods available today.Cold water extraction with bubble bags is the oldest method, and is mainly used to make hash. The Rosin method is the latest one making waves, and it involves using heat and pressure with no solvents. Supercritical CO2 is another one, but the equipment is very expensive, making it unlikely that you’d do it at home.

Today, the most popular method for making dabs is butane extraction.

“With butane extraction, no matter what method you’re using, you’re going to either soak or pass butane through the material,” says Medows. “What that does is it pulls out all the THC and the terpenes, and even in some cases it’s going to pull out fats and lipids, basically what they refer to as waxes, from the material.”

There are two problems with butane extraction. Safety is an issue because butane is highly volatile — it can cause a fire or an explosion if the process isn’t carried out correctly.

The second problem with butane extraction is that once you have your extract ready, there will still be some solvent left over. You have to get rid of all that solvent through an additional process called purging, and that involves more equipment.

“With purging, you’re going to use either a vacuum chamber or a vacuum oven. Vacuum ovens seem to be the most popular,” Medows explains.

Generally speaking, you would need an extractor and a vacuum oven to create your own high-quality extracts at home, but the gear can get very expensive.

If you want to buy a dab rig, there are a lot of parts involved and you should be able to work out a deal on a package with everything you need. Nowadays, with the popularity of dabs at an all-time high, the necessary gear can be found at just about any headshop.

Marijuana May Lower Use Of Alcohol, Harder Drugs

(Photo: Pixabay)

(Photo: Pixabay)

Marijuana could help those who struggle with addiction by replacing the need for more harmful substances, according to recent studies.

The latest data, published in the journal Addiction Research & Theory, came from a survey of more than 400 medical cannabis patients across four dispensaries in B.C. When asked whether they ever used cannabis to replace pharmaceuticals, alcohol or illicit drugs, over 75% said they did.

The largest portion, 68%, indicated using cannabis as a substitute for prescription drugs. 41% also said they used it for alcohol and 36% for other illicit substances, such as heroin or cocaine.

Philippe Lucas, study co-author and research affiliate of the Centre for Addictions Research of BC, says the findings support cannabis as a potential treatment for drug addiction. He believes cannabis could act as an ‘exit drug’ when it comes to substance abuse – as opposed to a gateway.

But more research needs to be done, since the study was only meant to identify a substitution effect and did not attempt to quantify it. Still, Lucas, who first came across the idea through his involvement with the Vancouver Island Compassion Society, believes there is now strong evidence that a substitution effect exists.

“These are still early days in terms of substitution research. What’s clear and consistent from all those who studied cannabis substitution is there is a phenomenon there. We just need to elucidate what exactly the details are.”

But the study was not the first to describe the phenomenon. In fact, it was conducted, in part, to replicate past work by another one of the study’s co-authors, Amanda Reiman of The School of Social Welfare at University of California, Berkeley.

Reiman, who is also involved with the Drug Policy Alliance, published two studies on cannabis substitution between 2000-2009.

The results, obtained from patients at a dispensary in California, were remarkably similar. Out of the 350 patients surveyed in 2009, 66% reported using cannabis to replace prescription drugs, 40% to replace alcohol and 26% to replace other illicit substances.

Reiman concludes that marijuana could help those who struggle with addiction to more harmful substances like alcohol. And this typically isn’t the average alcohol user, she explains.

“When we talk about using cannabis as a substitute for alcohol, we’re not necessarily talking about the average individual. We’re talking about this as a way to intervene on the 10% of alcohol consumers who are the heaviest drinkers, and who are responsible for a great percentage of alcohol-related problems.”

“I think that’s really where we should focus our efforts. On moving that population of hazardous drinkers away from alcohol and towards a substance that’s not going to have the same impact such as cannabis,” she adds.

Lucas holds a similar belief. If cannabis policy were to become more lax, he predicts adults would likely shift away from other substances and towards cannabis as a safer alternative.Watch Boost (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

“You might see a slight increase in the use of cannabis,” Lucas says. “But you would subsequently see a decrease in the use of alcohol, illicit substances and pharmaceuticals that would have a net public health cost savings and lead to public health benefits.”

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10 Most Popular Strains of Marijuana

Thanks to decades of research and crossbreeding, marijuana is now available in a wide variety of strains.

It’s no secret that the weed you can find today is a lot stronger than what was around in the 70s. Not only that, you can find a lot of strains with interesting flavor profiles too. Some actually taste like blueberries, for instance!

But with so many different strains to choose from, how do you know what’s good? It all depends on what you’re looking for, but some strains are definitely more popular than others.

While there has never been a formal survey done on the most popular strains of marijuana, we spoke to a few dispensaries in Colorado and poked around the internet for some answers.

“With every customer that comes into our stores there’s no way of saying if they will go for this or that,” explains Matthew Givner, marketing director for Colorado dispensary LivWell. “I will say, however, that flowers are still far more popular than any of our other products.”

Wondering what to buy on your next trip to the dispensary? Here’s a useful list of the 10 most popular strains right now.

10. Girl Scout Cookies



Girl Scout Cookies has been a popular pick for a long time. By now it’s been crossed with a lot of other strains too, so you can find many different variations such as Chem Scout, Animal Cookies, and Blue Sugar Cookies. The original, however, comes from California and is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison.

Girl Scout Cookies is a heavy hitter that has won multiple Cannabis Cups and continues to be a solid choice for anyone looking for quick relief of nausea, pain, and low appetite.

9. Green Crack



Green Crack was named by none other than Snoop Dogg because he noticed that anyone who tried it kept coming back for more. Sativa and indica-dominant hybrids are available, and the strain is said to give a very uplifting and relaxed high, much unlike what its name would have you think.

Green Crack isn’t well known for its great smell or flavor, but its pleasant effects and daytime usability are what earn it a spot on this list.

8. Bruce Banner



In the Marvel comic book universe Bruce Banner is The Incredible Hulk who has the power to transform into a giant green beast when he gets angry. But if he smoked some of this stuff, he probably would lose his ability to Hulk-out.

This strain was grown by Delta9 Labs and it’s a cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, so it still has some of the sweet scent common to diesel strains. A sativa-dominant strain, Bruce Banner is uplifting and will kill your pain as well as boost your appetite. Maybe you could Hulk-out on a bag of cookies after a round of Bruce Banner?

7. Sour Diesel



Sour Diesel is famous worldwide — and for good reason. It’s a powerful strain with loads of flavor, and its long orange hairs and frosty trichomes make it very pleasing to look at.

Sour Diesel has a piney smell, but once it’s smoked the fruity and lemony tones start to come out. With a very soothing and relaxing high, this is one strain that is sure to give you your money’s worth.

6. Durban Poison



Coming in at number 6 on this list is another legendary bud. Durban Poison is a classic sativa strain originating from the South African city that gave it its name.

Durban Poison’s sweet taste and energizing effects make it the perfect daytime smoke. Many find the high from this strain to be productive and clear-headed — a true characteristic of purebred sativas.

5. Kosher Kush



Kosher Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid from California that came from an OG Kush cross. It won the Cannabis Cup in 2011 and 2015 and packs a tremendous dose of THC. Indeed, this strain won’t fail to impress even the most experienced of smokers.

Kosher Kush has an earthy and fruity flavor, and comes with a very mellow and relaxing buzz. If you ever have insomnia, this strain is pretty much a guaranteed cure.

4. Blackberry X Blueberry



Blackberry X Blueberry is another indica-dominant hybrid, and a particularly tasty one too. As you might have guessed from the name, you’ll find blackberry and blueberry flavors in this bud and that’s the main reason why it’s so popular right now.

Blackberry X Blueberry is a strong indica loaded with visible white crystals. Many find this strain to be good for medicating pain and anxiety.

3. Tangerine Power



Fruity strains are extremely popular these days and Tangerine Power fits the bill. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that comes from crossing Agent Orange with Blue Power, so it has all the best qualities of both.

Tangerine Power bears citrusy aromas with just a hint of spice, which some find to be reminiscent of an Afghan Kush. The high is reported to be both uplifting and relaxing at the same time.

2. Banana Kush



Even those who don’t know a lot about strains know that Kush is good, so it’s no surprise that you’re seeing a lot of Kush’s on this list.

Banana Kush is a cross between the classic OG Kush strain and the lesser-known Banana strain, and provides a wonderful fruity aroma just like many others on this list.

Like other Kush strains, Banana Kush is a hard hitter and rich in THC. An indica-dominant hybrid, this strain is recommended for nighttime use. Take a sniff of a bag of this stuff and you should detect the scent of bananas.

1. Blue Dream

<img class="size-full wp-image-22016" src="" alt="(Photo: nevadapure pharmacie internet” width=”740″ height=”600″ />


Perhaps the most popular, best-selling marijuana strain right now is Blue Dream. There are a lot of reasons why this strain is topping dispensary lists.

A sativa-dominant hybrid with a distinct flavor profile, Blue Dream is widely known for its relaxing and mellow high. While not as strong or hard-hitting as others, this strain makes a great choice for novices and seasoned smokers alike.

Surprisingly, Blue Dream also gives somewhat of an active buzz, so it’s good for both daytime and evening activities. The fact that it isn’t super-strong makes it more accessible as well. In other words, pretty much anyone can enjoy this strain.

Best Wax Pen Vaporizers of 2016

Wax pen vaporizers have come a long way since they first started appearing on headshop shelves years ago. Quartz, titanium and ceramic (materials that were once rare to find incorporated to wax atomizers) have become the industry standard. Advanced temperature control, extended battery life and better overall dependability have helped wax pens evolve into more than just a quick, easy way to enjoy wax concentrates.

Today’s wax pens are now just as powerful and reliable as their pricey desktop dab rig predecessors, plus feature with the added elements of portability and discretion – allowing you to break-free from the confides of your living room and expand your dab horizons to the great outdoors!

There are a ton of great wax pens out there – but how do you know which wax pen is best? To help answer that question, check out our rundown of what we consider to be the best wax pen vaporizers on the market today. Here you’ll find some classic wax vapes, as well as some brand new units from some of the top manufacturers in the industry.

KandyPens Gravity – $129.95


Some laws are meant to be broken, and the Law of Gravity is ripe for a challenge. Be prepared to reach unexplored heights with the latest release from KandyPens – the Gravity vaporizer.

Expertly crafted from only the highest quality materials, the Gravity wax pen vaporizer features a stealth sandblasted black finish, advanced atomizers (quartz crystal and coilless ceramic), as well as a variable temperature battery with four different heat settings acheter viagra avis. Covered by an an industry-leading lifetime warranty (battery) by KandyPens, the Gravity is a great value and must-own for any dab enthusiast.

By including two of the most cutting-edge atomizers found on any wax pen, the Gravity has become one of the most versatile pen vaporizers on the market today.

Looking for pure taste with enough power to instantly vaporize your dabs? The Gravity’s Dual Quartz Rod/Quartz Chamber Atomizer is constructed from inert quartz crystal and features high-quality titanium coils – which allow the true flavor of wax to shine through.

For those who like to take things slow and low, the Gravity’s Coilless Ceramic is the way to go. Instead of exposed coils, this revolutionary atomizer utilizes a flat ceramic which is great for longer sessions and conserving your extracts.

Buy now

KandyPens Galaxy – $99.95


The state-of-the-art Galaxy wax pen is one of the brightest shining stars in the KandyPens universe. As one of the first wax pen vaporizers to feature a Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer, the Galaxy set the stage for all that followed.

Unsatisfied with traditional means of wax vaporization, KandyPens replaced standard ceramic rods, utilized by other wax pens found on the market, with inert quartz crystal – allowing users to experience the full flavor profile of their wax concentrates.

In addition to its advanced atomizer, Galaxy pens also feature something else that KandyPens helped bring to the forefront of the wax pen market; a temperature control battery. With the ability to select between three different temperature settings (350°, 390° and 430°F), the Galaxy lets you experiment with a wide range of heat levels.

By putting a fresh, fun spin on traditional wax pen vaporizer styling, the Galaxy is available in twelve unique colors and finishes, including the recently released glossy red and limited edition rose gold which pairs perfectly with your iPhone.

Buy now

#ThisThingRips R Series 2 – $49.99


#ThisThingRips has quickly become one of the most recognizable names in the industry. Known for producing high-quality vape pens that don’t break the bank, all wax pens from #TTR feature a unique Polycarbonate Visual Heating Chamber which allows you to watch your wax bubble as it heats, as well as view the ensuing clouds formations.

The latest addition to their flagship R Series line, the R2, builds on previous iterations by replacing the standard fiber threaded atomizer with a premium ceramic rod for enhanced flavor and performance. In addition, calibrated low-temperature controlled heating coils heat wax at a lower temperature than cheaper competitor coils, eliminating the burnt, charred taste sometimes associated with vape pens.

Want to fly under the radar when you’re dabbing on the go? The R Series 2 includes a discreet pen cap that fits securely over the wax chamber, making the R2 appear to be nothing more than an average, everyday writing utensil to nosey onlookers.

Buy now

#ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 – $74.20


Keeping up with (and improving upon) industry trends, the OG Four 2.0 wax pen is #ThisThingRips’ first foray into the wonderful world of quartz atomizers, and as always – when #TTR does something – they do it right.

Taking their advanced quartz atomizer a step further than most, the rod and chamber of the OG’s atomizer is constructed from 100% Lava-Quartz (a proprietary patented technology), and features the largest capacity of any atomizer in its class. Combining pure, inert lava-quartz with low-temp calibrated coils ensures the tastiest, truest tasting dabs possible.

The OG Four 2.0’s styling is second to none. Its 510 threaded chrome battery and chamber connector are beautifully accented by an orange XL polycarbonate visual chamber. There are few other wax pens on that market that can match OG aesthetically.

For daily dabbers who place a premium on performance, portability and affordability, the OG Four 2.0 is the wax pen you’ve been looking for.

Buy now

DipStick – $199.99

And now for something completely different – the DipStick vaporizer introduces a whole new way to dab. Breaking the mold of traditional wax pen vaporizers, the DipStick offers a no-mess solution to the oftentimes sticky art of dabbing.

Instead of utilizing a conventional atomizer that requires you to load your wax onto a coil or ceramic dish, the DipStick features a unique protruding coil atomizer that you ‘dip’ directly into your wax, shatter or crumble. By essentially eliminating the mess and hassle that’s typically associated with standard wax pens – the DipStick is redefining the industry one dab at a time.

The DipStick also sets itself apart from the competition by utilizing an inverted inhalation method. Instead of inhaling through a mouthpiece that’s located directly on top of the atomizer, the DipStick’s mouthpiece is located on the opposite end of the unit, allowing vapor more time to cool before inhaling, which results in cooler, less harsh rips.

Boasting a removable stainless steel vapor path (something you won’t find on any other wax pen), the DipStick is incredibly easy to maintain, so you’ll spend less time cleaning – and more time dabbing.

Buy now

Cloud Pen 3.0 – $99.99


Cloud Pen is a name that every wax concentrate connoisseur should be familiar with at this point. As one of the original elips-style wax pens, the original Cloud Pen garnered many accolades – including being mentioned year after year in High Times Magazine’s Vape Pen Buyer’s Guide.

More powerful and more versatile than its predecessors, the Cloud Pen 3.0 is the most advanced Cloud Pen to date. Powered by a 650mAh elips (flat) battery, the 3.0 packs twice as much juice as most other elips wax pen vaporizers, which means double the dab time.

In addition to including a powerful Dual Ceramic Rod atomizer with hand-wrapped titanium coils as well as high-quality Atlas Glass Globe attachment, the Cloud Pen 3.0 also includes an atomizer for dry herb, allowing you to enjoy both flower and wax concentrates with one device.

In an industry where technology and trends change seemingly every day, Cloud Pen hasn’t just stuck around – they’ve solidified their place at the top of the crop, and have become a name that newbies and veterans alike have learned to trust.

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Source Orb XL Flosstradamus – $119.95

Getting lifted and music have always gone hand in hand, so the fact that Source Vapes teamed up with EDM icons and trap gods Flosstradamus on a high-powered edition of the Orb XL makes perfect sense. Built for serious daily dabbers (like Flosstradamus themselves), this special edition Orb XL is like no other wax pen you’ve ever seen.

We won’t mince words – the Source Orb XL Flosstradamus is without a doubt the most powerful wax pen vaporizer on the planet today. More mod than pen, the ‘Floss’ is powered by the Volt: Source Vapes’ 30W sub-ohm box mod battery. That’s more than 5x more voltage than standard wax pen batteries supply!

Along with 30 watts of unfathomable wax melting power, the Orb XL Flosstradamus also utilizes another first from Source: TRIPLE Quartz Rod Atomizers that feature grade 1 titanium coils and the largest capacity (1 gram) of any wax atomizer on the market today. Combine triple coils with 30 watts of vaporizing power, and you’ve got a wax pen that even out-dabs traditional desktop dab rigs.

If you dab and trap, then squad up with the Orb XL Flosstradamus. Put those warning signs up!

Buy now

Dr. Dabber Ghost – $84.95

The wax pen vape that started a revolution is still as popular as ever. The Ghost from Dr. Dabber has been (and continues to be) one of the best-selling wax pens ever – and for good reason.

Dr. Dabber was one of the first manufacturers to construct their atomizer coils from titanium, something that is now common throughout the industry. Titanium coils are the key to Dr. Dabber’s low-temp dabbing system, which melts wax at lower temperatures than lesser-quality pens, eliminating the charred, burnt taste you experience with cheap, knock-off vape pens.

You don’t find too many wax pens nowadays that utilize a wicked atomizer like the one employed by the Ghost, however, even though it’s a bit of a throwback – it’s still high-quality and great for lower viscosity (runny) wax concentrates, as they can easily be absorbed by the fibrous wick.

With tons of glass percolators attachments available for the Ghost wax pen, you have the ability to add an element of water filtration to your dab sessions, resulting in cool, moisturized rips.

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Dr. Dabber Aurora – $99.95

The Aurora is the latest (and dare we say greatest?) wax pen innovation from Dr. Dabber. Aside from featuring an uber-cool matte satin finish and coming equipped with a plethora of advanced atomizers, the Aurora is completely unique in the sense that utilizes SnapTech magnetic technology – replacing standard 510threading found on nearly every other wax pen vaporizer.

Always looking to provide their customers with the next big thing, Dr. Dabber’s employment of magnetic connections is certainly something that will be utilized by more and more wax pen manufacturers as time goes on – but DD was the first.

Take your pick from three top-of-the-line atomizers depending on your preference: dual quartz rod, dual ceramic rod or coil-less ceramic dish. The Aurora’s battery is also outfitted with variable voltage control, allowing you to adjust the power settings for finely tailored dab sessions.

The choices don’t stop there. The Aurora wax pen also includes two different ceramic mouthpieces: a standard flat or the new ‘shotgun’ version which improves airflow and prevents clogging.

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Atmos Kiln – $69.95

The new Kiln wax pen from Atmos is the latest device to spring up in the new “wax pen/mod hybrid” category. Featuring a powerful 950mAh battery and a state-of-the-art coil-less ceramic dish atomizer, the Kiln puts a fresh spin on wax vaporization.

The Kiln’s 100% ceramic disc atomizer is completely free of exposed wicks and wires, and allows extracts to melt at a lower heat level, resulting in longer, more casual sessions that put an emphasis on flavor. Since wax never comes into direct contact with the heating coil, it burns slower and tastes better.

Larger and more powerful than wax pen vaporizers of yesteryear, the Kiln represents a new style of wax vapes that are still highly-portable, but employ more modern styling and more advanced atomizer technology.

Select between a glossy black or glossy white finish, or go with both!

Buy now

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